Finals 2016 | Work
Finals 2016
Finals 2016 | Opening 3
Finals 2016, Opening
Finals 2016 | Work 8
Finals 2016, Iris Janssen

Bachelor Fine Art, Arnhem (BEAR) is part of ArtEZ University of the Arts. The department is located at Oude Kraan 26 and 74.
BEAR focusses on the diversity of visual art. During the Fine Art programme in Arnhem, you will learn about the interaction between creating and thinking, with diversity as the starting point. The power of art lies in an unconditional belief in imagination, experimentation and different layers.
BEAR has three main questions:
How to create?
How to reflect?
How to connect?
You will discover your own preferences and qualities, will be better able to work with them and will become acquainted with various aspects of the art world.
Each student will be assigned to one of our tutors. You will be part of a tutorgroup and will work in your own space or studio.

You will follow lectures, go on study trips and choose from a wide range of projects, theory classes and workshop courses.

ArtEZ has many specialised workshops and labs, in which you will receive courses on working with materials and tools. These workshops will also be used to allow you to experiment and create your own work. You will encounter students from almost all degree programmes in the workshops.

We expect that each student will start with their own qualities, questions, desires, preferences and dreams.