Finals 2016 | Work Wall 2
Finals 2016
Finals 2016 | Work 31
Finals 2016
Finals 2016, Work Mark Schobben
Finals 2016, Mark Schobben

BEAR takes diversity as a starting point in our programme, by coupling small groups of students with famous artists using widely diverse approaches. We emphasise the exchange between thought and creation and encourage our students to conduct research and communicate meaning in their work. Together we – with both students and lecturers – form a dynamic, internationally oriented community where each person learns from the others.

Contemporary art today is as complex and diverse as the world in which we live. Art is distinctive, as it does not conform to prevailing models, but questions and examines these models; like everything else, art subjectifies. Simultaneously, art connects with the world – it is part of it, offers insights into it and intervenes in it.