Edwin Zwakman

Edwin Zwakman

Tutorgroup: Context & Installation

Edwin Zwakman's work focusses on our relation with reality. He explores the connection between reality and photography, creates artistic interventions in public spaces, or develops semi-architectonic structures. His works are shown all over the world.
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Johan Wagenaar


Johan Wagenaar is art director of 'Het Instituut' since 1995. His mission is to contribute to cultural life by taking artists out of their ateliers and let them actively participate in our city space. He works alongside with artists, philosophers, scientists, designers and policymakers, and crossing boundaries of disciplines.
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Vincent Vulsma

Tutorgroup: Conceptual Art

Vincent Vulsma studies processes of cultural, political and economical appropriation. He shows that processes of artistic production are closely connected with modern ways of trade and labor. By manipulating objects Vulsma highlights the idea of its 'artwork-being', by doing so he changes the status and value of objects.
Website Vincent Vulsma
Hester Oerlemans

Hester Oerlemans

Tutorgroup: Art & Design

Hester Oerlemans' work mostly consists of statues and images in the public sphere, installations and drawings. She constantly searches and researches new forms and new places. She appropriates a place by adding something to it, in order to give it back. At first sight her work does not look like art at. The goal is to change consisting situations, and let viewers look multiple times.
Website Hester Oerlemans
Gijs Assmann

Gijs Assmann

Tutorgroup: Crafts & Materials

Gijs Assmann works as a painter, draftsman and sculptor. His work raises various questions and he plays with expactations of his viewers by using unexpected forms and materials. He combines morbidity with cartoonesque humor, and by doing so he creates different layers of significance.
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James Beckett

James Beckett

Tutorgroup: Critical Practice

As a tutor, to be able to listen well is to be able to grow together – mutually changing shape as the world does, remaining open to shifts in method and generation. In this exchange I believe in a high diversity of approach, meaning each subject should facilitate and inform new techniques and sensibilities, hopefully leading to a fulfilling realisation of work and self....
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Alicia Framis

Tutorgroup: Performance

Alicia Framis is a multi-disciplinary artist whose practice blends architecture, design, fashion and performance. Within her projects she focuses on different aspects of human existence within contemporary urban society. Framis often starts out from actual social dilemmas to develop novel settings and proposed solutions.
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Korte Besems

Korrie Besems

Tutorgroup: Facts & Fiction

Korrie Besems focusses in her photographic projects on the continuing transformation process of Dutch landscapes. She studies the expiry date of designed landcapes. Her work is almost a direct representation, she shows its surrounding. By a seemingly objectively gaze she moves between ethos and critical analyzing.
Website Korrie Besems